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photo fun for baby's first year

Celebrate the arrival of your little one with personalized photo card announcements. Choose a design you love and then add your favorite photo (or photos!) and a personal message. Shop before your baby is born and save the card in your projects folder so that once your bundle of love arrives, all you have to do is add the details. Don't forget to save one for your baby's scrapbook, or frame an announcement for the nursery.
create baby announcements

If you've got big news to share, spread the word in an unexpected way—photo-magnets! Upload a favorite snapshot of your newborn and then add their birthday. Everyone might be expecting your news, so have some fun getting the word out.
create magnets

show off your new love bug in style

 oh, go ahead and brag

Create a flip book for an easy, fun, and convenient way to show off your new arrival. They're just the right size to fit in your purse, or diaper bag. Plus, they're so easy and affordable, you can make a new one any time you upload photos. Add captions for a personal touch and give them to new aunts, uncles and grandparents!
create a flip book

capture just how fast they grow

Before you know it, you're little munchkin will be walking, talking, and driving the family car. So capture every inch they grow with a visual growth chart. Snap a photo of your little one in the same place, like next to a favorite toy, or in dad's arms, every month. Then create a collage poster to see the difference a few weeks really do make.
create collage posters

Snapfish tips: pick-up in-store
You can order prints and photo books and have them printed at a store near Grandma, so no matter how far away you live, she can enjoy photos the same day with our pick-up in-store option.