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Jaimie O. of MD

I created my collage to thank those who have so far helped me with my project of photographing Hello Kitty in all 50 states. We are currently far from getting all 50 states, but it means a lot to me that people have been supportive and helpful in all of this. I'm a 22-year-old photographer who has been diagnosed with many health issues, and I have trouble traveling despite my love for it. So family and friends have started taking my 5-inch Hello Kitty on travels with them. I am seeing the states through her!
Teresa M. of KY

I was chosen to participate in a study with Prevention magazine last year. They brought me to New York City for a photo shoot, so I took my two daughters with me for a mini-vacation. This was our first visit to the "Big Apple," and we had a blast! I created this collage as a present for my daughters, so they could hang it in their room and remember the great times we had in New York City.
Denise S. of WI

I went to Paris for the first time last fall with a friend. Because there was so much to see, I wanted to make sure that I could share my most memorable moments with her. I had two posters made - one for her and one for myself!
Moses A. of IL

This past summer I traveled across Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. This collage poster highlights some of the diverse locations I visited, including Ireland, England, France, Italy, Greece, Egypt, and Jordan.
Susan S. of CA

From flea markets to glaciers, from tango to penguins - where else could you find this mix but Argentina? In January of 2008, two of my nieces and my sister visited Argentina. These women love an adventure. One of the travelers, my niece Lyndsay, always shares her photos with family and friends on Snapfish as she explores the planet. Her Argentina album, full of so much color, character and variety, inspired me to make this collage. It turned out to be a capsule/postcard/journal of a memorable time together.
Pat N. of OH

My daughter and I went to Italy in February of this year to celebrate her graduation. She received her Master's Degree in Criminal Justice, and the trip was her graduation present. We went to Venice, Pisa, Assisi, Florence, Rome, Naples, and Pompeii. I ordered all of my 480 prints, 3 posters, mugs, and magnets from Snapfish. The pictures and merchandise are beautiful. I love Snapfish!
Karen D. of TX

My husband and I spent our summer vacation in the beautiful Caribbean Sea, sailing in a 43' catamaran around St. Martin and Anguilla. This is my favorite souvenir of the trip, and I have it hanging in my office at work. I get lots of comments from my patients, who see the poster. I am pleased to tell them about Snapfish and how easy it is to make such a nice keepsake!
Natalie A. of VA

My husband Bryan and I went with friends on a weeklong trip to Egypt -- 4 nights cruising on the Nile and 3 nights in Cairo -- and it was amazing! It was so hard choosing which pictures to use in the collage, there were so many cool shots of ruins and artifacts. It was also difficult choosing between a black and white collage and a color collage. In the end, I ordered both -- the black-and-white to display at home and the color one for my husband's office. We love both and enjoy remembering the trip with such a neat, professional keepsake.
Brenda S. of CA

Most of these memories were taken with my best girlfriends, Anne and Michelle. We go on road trips with NO DESTINATION in mind, and we bring our cameras along! It's a great way to spend the day! In this collage, we landed in Napa and Calistoga, but a few photos were taken while visiting family in Oregon. The picture of the window is the room where my aunt passed away.
Kathy B. of TX

This was our summer vacation at Broken Bow, Oklahoma. We stayed in a cabin on the river and fished out of canoes all day. We had a blast! Not to mention, we got away from reality for a while.