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60x80 arctic fleece picture blankets for snuggling

The arctic fleece photo blanket 60x80 is the perfect way to add a little bit of warmth and coziness to your home. Not only is it incredibly soft and comfortable, but it also allows you to personalize it with your favorite photo or design, making it truly unique. This cozy blanket is made from soft, luxurious fleece that will keep you warm and comfy all year round. Not only does it provide comfort, but its printable front side allows you to customize it with your favorite photo or design.


Features of the cozy arctic fleece photo blanket 60x80

The arctic fleece photo blanket 60x80 also features vibrant colors that come to life on its fleece surface. It’s easy to maintain as well - simply machine wash and dry this blanket for effortless upkeep. The reversible design includes a solid white backside for added versatility in styling. With this blanket, you can create the perfect piece of personalized home decor that can be cherished for years to come. The large arctic fleece photo blanket is a great way to add a personal touch to your home while providing cozy comfort during chilly days and nights. Its durable construction combined with its vibrant colors make it ideal for creating long-lasting memories with family photos or custom designs. Plus, the stylish reversible design gives you two looks in one - solid white on one side and your own custom photo or design on the other.

Personalizing your arctic photo blanket

Creating a personalized 60x80 cozy arctic fleece photo blanket is a great way to make sure that snuggling up with your favorite streaming show will be that much comfier. To get started, upload your pictures into Snapfish's photo library. Once uploaded, you can use those photos to begin designing your custom blanket. The portal features a wide range of design templates to provide inspiration. Our 60x80 arctic fleece photo blankets are machine-washable and the lightweight fleece material was made to combine exceptional softness and warmth all year round. With its vibrant colors and softness that lasts through years of washing and wear-and-tear, this cozy blanket makes an ideal gift for friends or family members who appreciate thoughtful gifts with a personal touch. Combine one of our queen bed size fleece blankets with personalized throw pillows or a stadium blanket to take on the go. If you’re giving this cozy fleece photo blanket as a gift, consider adding a personalized message along with it. This could be anything from a heartfelt quote, poem, or phrase to commemorate the occasion. It's also possible to print out quotes directly onto the fabric surface for an extra special touch.