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Collage Photo Gifts

So many pics, so little time. It only takes seconds to make a fun collage.

Shuffle your photos until you’re satisfied

After you add your photos, click on the Shuffle button to rearrange photos until you get it just right.



Customer collage favorites

Collages are a great way to show the bigger picture, like baby's first year, a camping trip, or even your garden's progress over the summer.

Make embellishments part of your collage

Personalize your photo gifts with 3000+ embellishments and over 40 different fonts.



What is Shuffle?
By clicking on Shuffle button, they layout on your projects will be automatically rearranged to hundreds of designs.

Is there a way to create a collage like on classic site?
Simply select a design from the Layouts tab, then fill it with your photos. Change the layout orientation, landscape or portrait, to best suit your images. To rearrange the design, click the Shuffle button until you see something you like.

What if I don't like the layout automatically applied to my project?
Use Undo and Redo icons located on the top near the Save button to cancel the change.

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