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Sympathy Cards

Experiencing the loss of a friend, family member, community member, or pet is extraordinarily difficult and sending those grieving sympathy cards is a time-tested, thoughtful way to express support and condolence. Show them you care in this trying episode with DIY sympathy cards from Snapfish. With our wide range of designs for sympathy cards, you're sure to find one well-suited for your recipient and for the circumstances they're dealing with. Once you find and order the best sympathy or in memorium card (or even get well soon card, should your brother or sister or other loved one be recuperating after surgery or an accident), read on for ideas about what to write in such notes of condolence.

Sayings For Sympathy Cards

Loss—involving the death of one's husband, wife, colleague at work or business organization, or pet, before and also well after the funeral or ceremony—is difficult, and writing sympathy cards can be particularly challenging. The first questions people have are often related to etiquette and helpful sympathy sayings—in particular, what messages to write in sympathy cards. Fortunately, our sympathy card greetings present you with examples that you can use: sayings like My thoughts are with you, I'm here for you, Sending you comfort and peace, and Forever in our hearts. Finding the right words or salutations to express condolence—whether Christian scripture, including bible verses, perhaps, verses reflecting Jewish faith or other religious traditions, or even (given a recipient so inclined) something funny—is easy with the help of sympathy cards from Snapfish.

Ideas For Sympathy Cards

If you're looking for sample sympathy cards—whether for wording or design examples or ideas—you're not alone. Fortunately, Snapfish features the best collection of sympathy cards online, helping you discover ways to express your condolences and support to loved ones with messages certain to help them in their healing process and to help them to celebrate, in memoriam, the person, dog, or cat they've lost. Our design templates, featuring floral, heart-themed, watercolor, dove, rainbow, and religious themes (including those with stained glass and arch designs), allow you to say, I'm thinking of you, With deepest sympathy, Sending you love, In loving memory of, thank you cards, and more with salutations that are sure to touch the hearts of those you care about.

Dog Sympathy Cards

If someone close to you has experienced the loss of a pet or beloved animal—perhaps an elderly cat or dog—Snapfish has packs of custom sympathy cards ready for your messages of support and condolence—salutations certain to raise the spirits of a friend or relative. The death of a pet—especially a dog whose been a part of their family for more than a decade—can be hard to grapple with. Explore our website for touching expressions of sympathy embodied in condolence and sympathy cards for pet owners who've encountered the loss of this treasured canine family member (or the loss of an equally-beloved household cat). The feeling of community and love extended in sympathy cards for pet loss can absolutely help a friend or even a client at a veterinary clinic—through helpful words and phrases—in a difficult time. For help in writing such cards, read our blog post on condolence messages.